Social Science-1999-Set III


Q 3.When was Pearl Harbour attacked by Japan? State an important effect of this invasion? (2)
Ans. 3 Japan joined the Berlin – Rome – Tokyo Axis and entered the war in 1941 to satisfy her hunger for more territories. In order to expand her territories, she attacked the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbour at Hawai in the Pacific Ocean on December 7, 1941.

America lost 20 warships and 250 Aircrafts. About 3000 people were killed. An important effect of this invasion was that it greatly accelerated the war when on the very next day USA declared war on Japan.

Q 4.Why did extremism grow within the Congress by the turn of the 19th Century? Give 2 reasons. (2)
Ans. 4 Extremism grow within the Congress because of the following reasons:-

1) The method of resolution and petitions adopted by the moderates failed to achieve anything. The British turned a deaf ear to them which led to the rise of extremists who resolved to give a radical shape to their movement and fight for their freedom.

2) The Reactionary policies of Lord Curzon further incited the masses. The Act of 1898 made it an offense to provoke people against the English . In 1899, he passed the Calcutta Corporation Act and increased the number of official members. By the Indian Universities Act of 1904 he imposed strict official control over the Indian Universities because he considered them as the centres of nationalism. In 1904 , he passed the Official Secrets Act. Even the leakage of ordinary information regarding Civil Administration was considered illegal according to this Act. All these measures provoked the peopleand added to the power and prestige of national militants.

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