Q.1 Which of the movable joint makes the hip joint ?
Ans1. Ball and socket joint.

Q.2 Write the full form of tRNA.
Ans2. Transfer Ribosenucleic Acid.

Q.3 Mention any two factors by which the environment or the nature checks the pollution size.
Ans3. (i) Competition and struggle.
(ii) Drought and flood.

Q.4 Give two examples of analogous organs from animals.
Ans4. Wings of :
(i) an insect,
(ii) a bird, and
(iii)a bat are analogous organs.

Q.5 Mention one difference in the structure of chlorophyll-a and chlorophyll-b.
Ans5. Chlorophyll-a has a methyl (-CH3) group whereas chlorophyll-b has an aldehyde (-CHO) group.

Q.6 Name the source glands of glucagon and parathormone.
Ans6. Glucagon : Islets of Langerhans in Pancreas
Parathormone: Parathyroid gland

Q.7 Mention one difference between benign tumour and malignant tumour.
Ans7. A malignant tumour is different from a benign tumour in the formers capacity to undergo metastasis.

Q.8 Name any two structures in our body, which bear ciliated epithilium.
Ans8. (i) Kidney tubules, and
(ii) Fallopian tubes

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