Q1. What induces parthenocarpy in grapes?
Ans1. Auxins.

Q2. What is the term used for the regions of a gene which become part of mRNA and code for the different regions of the proteins?
Ans2. Exons.

Q3. The venous blood in the lung has a PCO2 of 46 mm Hg. Should the alveolar PCO2 exceed or be less than 46 mm Hg to result in diffusion of CO2 from the blood into the alveolus?
Ans3. It should be less than 46 mm Hg.

Q4. Which part of the plant leaf is modified to form spines of Acacia and the sheath covering the leaf of Ficus elastica.
Ans4. Stipules.

Q5. Name the enzyme that can break and reseal one strand of DNA.
Ans5. Topoisomerase.

Q6. What does J-shaped growth curve of a population indicate?
Ans6. The J-shaped curve indicates that the factors of environmental
resistance do not produce zero growth to contain the exponential growth.

Q7. What forms the cambial ring in a dicot stem during the secondary growth?
Ans7. The cambial rings are formed by alternately forming secondary xylem.

Q8. Name the principal mineral anion in the extracellular fluid.
Ans8. Ca2+.

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