Chemistry-1996-Set I

Q1) Write the state of hybridisation of Boron in BCI3. (Marks 1)
Ans1)In BCl3 , Boron is sp2 hybridized.

Q2) What are the coordination numbers of each of the ions present in the cubic close packed structure of CaF2 at ordinary temperature and pressure? (Marks 1)
Ans2) Coordination Number for Ca2+ is 8 and for F- is 4.

Q3) The rate constant of a reaction is 2 x 10-2 L mol-1 s-1. What is the order of the reaction?
(Marks 1)

Ans3) Order of the reaction is two.

Q4) Give the IUPAC name of the following compound:


CH3 CH3 (Marks 1)
Ans4) The name of the compound is



Q5) Which alkali metal carbonate decomposes on heating to liberate CO2? (Marks 1)
Ans5) Li2CO3

Q6) Name the first element of the 3-d transition metal series.
(Marks 1)

Ans6) Scandium.

Q7) Give the IUPAC name of the linkage isomer of [ (NH3)3 Pt-NO2 ]Cl. (Marks 1)
Ans7) The linkage isomer of [ (NH3)3 Pt-NO2 ]Cl will be [(NH3)3 Pt (ONO)]Cl. It’s IUPAC name is triamminenitritoplatinum(11) chloride.

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