Chemistry-1997-Set I

Q 1 State the physical significance of 2.
Ans. 1 2 is the measure of probability of finding an electron in the region around the nucleus.

Q.2 Write which one out of O+2 and O–2 is more stable?
Ans. 2 O+2 is more stable as compared to O-2 because bond order of O+2 is 2.5 while that of O-2 is 1.5.

Q 3 Write an expression in the form of a chemical equation for standard enthalpy of formation of for CO?
Ans. 3 C + 1/2 O2(g) —-> CO(g)

Q 4 Write an expression to relate molar conductivity of an electrotype to its degree of dissociation?

Q 5 What is the ‘ambident group’ ? Give an example.
Ans. 5 Ambident group is one which has more than one attacking site for example -C[-]N- is an ambident nuclleophile.

Q 6 Indicate a chemical reaction involving a homogeneous catalyst ?
Ans. 6 SO2(g) + 1/2 O2(g) —————–> SO3(g)

Q 7 Mention two main function of carbohydrates in plants ?
Ans. 7 Two main function of carbohydrates are :
(1) Cellulose is the chief structural material of plants.
(2) Carbohydrates act as energy storing devices of plants.

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