Chemistry-1999-Set I

Q 1 Define an atomic orbital. What does angular momentum quantum number tell about an orbital ?
Ans. 1 Orbital is three dimensional region in space around the nucleus where probability of finding electron is maximum. Angular memento determine the shape of the orbital.

Q 2 Which one of the two, O-2 or O-22 has higher bond order and why?
Ans. 2 O-2 has higher bond order.
O-2 = s 2s2 s*2s2 s2p2z 2p2x 2p2y 2p2x *2p1y
B.O. = 1/2 (8-5) = 1.5
B.O. of O -22 = 1/2 (8-6) = 1

Q 3 Define dislocation in crystal.
Ans. 3 Lattice imperfection extending along a line is known as line defect or dissociation.

Q 4 Write an example of neutral molecule which is isoelectronic to CIO-.
Ans. 4 CIF of HOCl or OF2

Q 5 Express the relationship between degree of dissociation of an electrolyte and its molar.
Ans. 5 = m / m

Q 6 What for are quaternary ammonium salts widely used?
Ans. 6 For detergent.

Q 7 What is meant by Faraday constant?
Ans. 7 It is the charge carried by one mole of electrons or quantity of charge required to deposit one gram equivalent of any element.

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