Chemistry-2000 Set I

Q.1 What is the physical significance of the lines in the following depiction of atomic orbitals?
Ans1. Lines encloses the regions in the space around the nucleus where there is maximum probability of finding the electron.

Q.2 An ionic compound AB2 possesses CaF2 type crystal structure.
Write the co-ordination numbers of A2+ and B- ions in the crystals of AB2.
Ans2. A2+ = 8 B+ = 4

Q.3 How many state of a thermodynamic system be defined?
Ans3. The state of thermodynamic system can be defined in the term of a state of state variable’s that are – pressure, temperature, volume.

Q.4 State Kohlrausch’s low for electric conductance of an electrolyte at infinite dilution.
Ans4. “At infinite dilution, each ion moves independently and contributes to the total molar conductance of an electrolyte.

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