Business Studies-1997-Set II

Q 1 What is meant by management? (2 marks)
Ans. 1 Management may be defined as creating the internal environment of an enterprise where individuals working together in groups can perform efficiently and effectively towards the attainment of group goals.
Note : If the student has given a definition other than this, full credit may be given. (2 marks)

Q 2 Explain, in brief, the principle of Esprit de Corps. (2 marks)
Ans. 2 Principle of Esprit de Corps :
It refers to team spirit that is harmony in group work and mutual understanding among workers. Managers must take steps to develop a sense of belonging among the members of a work group. If there is team spirit, everyone comes forward to help others. It helps in developing an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding. People them enjoy working in an organisation. It inspires them to work harder and improve the quality of work. When esprit de corps is present, the need to use penalties for default is minimised. (2 marks)

Q 3 Give any two elements of directing. (3 Marks)
Ans. 3 Any two of the following elements of direction :
(i) Leadership
(ii) Communication
(iii) Motivation
(iv) Supervision (1×2 marks)

Q 4 Explain briefly the steps in the process of organising. (3 Marks)
Ans. 4 The steps in the process of organising with brief explanation :
(i) Division of work.
(ii) Grouping jobs and departmentation.
(iii) Establishing authority relationship. (1×3 marks)

Q 5 Give any three main features of the line organisation. (4 Marks)
Ans. 5 Any three of the following main features of line organisation :
(i) It is simple type of organisation.
(ii) Only one form of authority, viz.; line authority exists in this form of organisation.
(iii) The authority relationships are clearly established.
(iv) All managers in a line organisation have full authority to decide things and to act with respect to their respective functions.
(v) In a line organisation departments are created for basic activities each of which is self-contained as the related services are also part of the activities of the departmental head.
(vi) Specialised, supportive activities are not specifically recognised and distinguished in a line organisation. (1×3 marks)

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