Business Studies-1999-Set II

Q 1 Give any two points of distinction between administration and management. (1*2=2 marks)
Ans. 1 Any two of the following distinctions :

1. Concerned with formulation of objectives.
2. Thinking function (Policy and decision-making).
3. More important at higher level.
4. Applicable more to govt. and non-business.

1.Concerned with getting work done with others.
2.Executive function.
3.More important at middle and lower levels
4.More applicable to business enterprises.

Q 2 What is meant by motion study? (2 marks)
Ans. 2 Study of the movements of body/machine required to perform a job.

Q 3 Define ‘direction’, as a function of management. (2 marks)
Ans. 3 Directing as a function of management is concerned with instructing, guiding and inspiring people in the organisation to achieve its objectives. It includes the process of motivating the subordinates and providing leadership.

Q 4 Why is line and staff organisation considered better than line organisation? Give any three reasons. (1*3=3 marks)
Ans. 4 (a) Line manager’s burden is shared.
(b) More specialisation and division of labour.
(c) Line manager gets advisory and supportive services.

Q 5 Distinguish between authority and responsibility on the basis of :
(i) Delegation,
(ii) Origin, and
(iii) Direction of flow. (1*3=3 marks)

Ans. 5




Direction of flow


Can be delegated.

Arises from superiors.

Flows downwards.


Cannot be delegated.

Arises out of authority.

Moves upwards.

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