Geography-1999-Set II

Q6) The Damodar Valley region is called ‘ The Ruhr of India.’ Elaborate this statement with three suitable examples.
Ans6) Damodar valley of India is compared to Ruhr of Germany because Damodar valley has maximum coal deposit in India. It has about 60% of country’s reserves of Medium grade coal so has Ruhr in Germany. It produces about half the output of coal in India. Ruhr also has a significant share. Damodar valley’s coal deposits contribute significantly in the industrial development of the region. So does Ruler in Germany.

Q11) What is meant by a rural settlement? Explain the three factors that determine the types of rural settlements in India. (Marks 1+3=4)
Ans11) Rural settlements are the dwelling places of people who are directly or indirectly dependent upon land. The factors which determine their type are:-
1) Physical Factors – Various physical factors including relief, attitude, climate, drainage, depth of underground water level, soil etc. play an important role in determining the type and spacing of settlements.
2) Ethnic and cultural factors – Factors such as tribe, caste and communal identity play an important role in determining the morphology of the settlement.
3) Historical Factors – Security factors particularly during periods of turmoil have played an important role in determining the layout of the settlements.

Q12) Divide the Himalayan Mountain Complex into five regions of second order and describe three main characteristics of Eastern Himalayan.
Ans12) The five regions of second order of the Himalayan Mountain Complex are:-
a) Kashmir
b) Karakoram Ladakh & Baltistan
c) Himachal and Kumaon
d) Eastern Himalayas
e) Purvanchal Hills.
Three main characteristics of Eastern Himalayas are:-
a) East of 88oE longitude, the Eastern Himalayas are extended in Sikkim and Assam between the river Tista and river Brahmaputra.
b) They are exposed to strong monsoonal current from Bay of Bengal.
c) The rich growth of tropical wet evergreen forests distinguishes them from the western Himalayas.

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