Geography-2000-Set I

Q1) “India is neither a pigmy nor a giant”. Elaborate this statement by giving three suitable examples. (Marks 3)
Ans1) India is one of the largest countries of the world. It occupies about 3.2 million square kilometer of area which is equal to Europe excluding former U.S.S.R. countries. Still India occupies seventh position amongst the largest countries of the world. There are six countries bigger than India which proves India is not a ‘Giant’. It is nor a ‘Pigmy’ as it is four times bigger than Pakistan, six times bigger than France, nine times bigger than Germany and twenty three times bigger than Bangladesh. All this proves ‘India is neither a pigmy nor a Giant’.

Q2) Where is the Bhabhar land situated in India? Write its two characteristics. (Marks 3)
Ans2) Bhabhar land is a pebble studded porous region situated at the foot of the Siwaliks. Its two characteristics are:-
1) Being Porous in nature, this region is characterised by disappearance of streams.
2) The width of this region varies from 8 to 16 km.

Q3) Write three differences between the regions of the first order and the regions of the second order? (Marks 1×3)
Ans3) Regions of first order are of larger size and have broad uniformity whereas second order regions are the further sub-divisions of the first order region and are smaller in size than the first order region.
Regions of first order are mainly based on broad features like relief, climate, natural vegetation etc whereas region of second order are based on differences within first order region (at micro level).
Regions of First order are clearly differentiated from the neighbouring regions whereas regions of second order could be transitional zones between two neighbouring regions.

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